Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DADLER, Sebastian: Sweden, 1634, Silver, 79 mm
The body of the deceased king Gustavus Adolphus lying in state on battlefield of Lützen. Above: Two angels carrying the king’s soul to heaven. At the top: The Hebrew word "Jehovah" in a radiant halo. On the sides: Clouds with numerous angels among them. Between the clouds, on the road on which the king’s soul is carried, an inscription: EUGE SERVE FIDELIS (Well Done Faithful Servant). In the background, to the right: Troops leaving a battlefield. Above them, a cupid with a sword and a banner with an inscription: VEL MORTUUM FUGIUNT (Even They Flee Death). Around: GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS MAGNUS DEI GRATIA SUECOR:[um] GOTHOR:[um] ET VANDALOR:[umque] REX AUGUSTUS.  (Gustavus Adolphus the Great, by the Grace of God, Revered King of the Swedes, Goths, and Vandals)Exergue: NATUS 9 DEC:[embris] ANNO 1594 GLORIOSE MORTUUS 6 NOU:[embris] AN[n]O 1632. (Born 9 December in the Year 1594, Died Gloriously 6 November in the Year 1632).
Rev: Gustavus in triumphal chariot pulled by three horses tramples Hydra of Discord. At the top,  two allegorical figures: Courage holding a Peace Column, and Faith holding a Bible upon which is a Burning Heart, both crowning the king’s head with laurels. Above: ET VITA ET MORTE TRIUMPHO. (I Triumph in Both Life and Death). Around: DUX GLORIOS[us] PRINC[eps] PIUS HEROS INVICT[us] VICTOR INCOMPARAB[ilis] TRIUMPH[ator] FELIX & GERM[aniae] LIBERATOR A[nno] 1634. (Glorious Leader, Pious Prince, Invincible Hero, Incomparable Victor, Happily Triumphant and Liberator of Germany in the Year 1634).
Signed: SD on the reverse on the chariot’s wheel.
Ref: Wiecek 89; Hildebrand 188; Bruun 17403; Europese Penningen # 1065; Domanig II, 328 (where he didn’t notice the signature and describes the medal as not signed);  Pollard II, 856/914;  Clain-Stefanelli,1974, p. 237;  Maué 35;  Weiss BW026

This extremely rare medal was ordered from Dadler in Gdansk, supposedly by the Swedish court, to commemorate the second anniversary of the king’s death following his victory at the Battle of Lutzen.

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