? : France, ca.1660, Bronze (cast), 96 mm
Obv: Bust of Mazarin (r)    IVLIVS . S. R. E. CARD. MAZARINVS F.C.A.G.A.E
Rev: Hercules takes the burden of the world from Atlas    HI DVO ILLE SOLVS
Ref:  Museum Mazzuchelliani II, CXV, 1:  T.N. LXVI, 1

Jules Cardinal Mazarin (1602-1661) was the first minister of France after Cardinal Richelieu's death in 1642. During the early years of King Louis XIV, he completed Richelieu's work of establishing France's supremacy among the European powers and crippling the opposition to the power of the monarchy at home. The reverse of this medal alludes to the fact that Mazarin (Hercules, at left) took much of the burden of the affairs of state from Louis XIV (Atlas, at right). (see also, Mazarin)

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