Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


ST.URBAIN, Ferdinand de: Italy, ca.1709, Bronze, 56 mm
Obv: Bust (r) of Cardinal Gozzadini wearing a skullcap and mozetta (a short hooded cape worn by bishops)    VLYSSES. I. S. R. E. PRESB. CARD. GOZZADINVS. PRAEF. RAVEN. LEG. A
Rev: Minerva, holding shield and spear, standing with Dove of the Holy Spirit on her head    MINERVA SACRA
Signed:  S.V.
Ref: Molinari 39/117; Rizzini, 908; Forrer, vol V, p. 312 # 89;  Weiss BW398

Ulisse Giuseppe Gozzadini (1650-1728) was born in Bologna, the grand-nephew of Cardinal Marcantonio Gozzadini. He attended the University of Bologna, was ordained to the priesthood and was Professor of law at the University of Bologna for twenty years. In 1700 he was elected titular archbishop of Teodosia. Later he was created cardinal priest and received the red hat and the title of S. Croce in Gerusalemme in 1709, the event likely commemorated by this medal. As cardinal he was transferred to the see of Imola, with the personal title of archbishop. Cardinal Gozzadini represented the pope in the wedding of King Felipe IV of Spain and Princess Isabella Farnese of Parma in 1714. He died in Imola and was buried in the cathedral of Imola.