Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


MÜLLER, Wouter: The Netherlands, 1653, Silver, 75 mm
Bust of Admiral Tromp, three quarters facing, in very high relief, wearing a collar with the Order of St. Michael, surrounded by naval emblems, under crown held by two Putti of Fame blowing trumpets. At the sides, naval trophies. Underneath two cannons, one on either side of a ribbon inscribed in script: Myn hert en handt was voor het Landt. (My Heart and Hand Were for the Fatherland.)
Rev: A naval engagement, with two men-or-war at close range, an English ship sinking in the foreground, all within pearled inner border. Waarom doet muller Tromp door kunst van gout en silver leeven: om dat hy’d yzer eew door krygsdeugd heeft verdreven. ob˙t den. 10 aug: 1653 (in script) (Why Does the Art of Müller Make Tromp Live in Gold and Silver? Because His Valor Has Removed from Us the Age of Iron. Died on 10 August 1653)
Ref: Van Loon II 364 (var.); M.I., i, 403/34; Hall, 194; Salton 145; Eimer 45/186; Scher (Dutch Medals) 37/24 (var.); Nomos 20; Weiss BW333

Maarten Harpertzoon Tromp (1597-1653), was Lieutenant-Admiral of the Dutch fleet and was chiefly responsible for the Netherlands' naval victories during the 17th century. Tromp's destruction of the Spanish armada at the Battle of the Downs in 1639 effectively ended Spanish sea power.

Depicted on the reverse of this medal is the Battle of Texel (also known as the Battle of Scheveningen or the Battle of Ter Heijde), the naval battle between the Dutch and English forces, in which the Dutch were trying to break an English blockade off the Dutch coast. This was the final naval battle of the First Anglo-Dutch War. It took place on 8–10 August 1653 between the fleets of the Commonwealth of England and the United Provinces. In this battle, both countries incurred heavy losses, with Tromp being mortally wounded and dying August 10, 1653.

The medal consists of two embossed plates, chased, and soldered together, with a ring for suspension.

LINK to another medal of the Battle of Texel and Death of Admiral Tromp by P. van Abeele (from National Maritime Museum)